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Explore unresolved traumas with a certified trauma therapist

We support you through the processing of “incomplete” emotions, ruminating thoughts, and we support you with nervous system rebalancing. We work to support you in discovering your authentic identity through neuroscientifically-informed methods and in reconnecting with others through an embodied sense of who you truly are. 

Meet the Team

Lucie: Clinical Director, Neurofeedback Practitioner and Complex Trauma Psychotherapist

Caitlan: Psychotherapist, Assistant Group Facilitator, Trauma and Grief-Focused

Andrea: Registered Psychotherapist, EMDR and DBR trained, Acute (Shock) Trauma-Focused.

Hiral: Neurofeedback & EMDR-Trained Psychotherapist, Acute (Shock) and Complex Trauma-Focused.



(1) Trauma Psychotherapy for Individuals

(2) Neurofeedback/Biofeedback

(3) Trauma Education for Clinicians and Self-Healers via www.HealClassroom.com

Trauma & Addiction Recovery Support Group (ongoing)

Join the group of change! Shift into a new version of yourself with the support of others doing the same. You will be supported by Lucie Ritchie who uses evidenced-based methods through a humanistic lens. Let's go!

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About Us

Lucie Ritchie, RP

MA, Doctoral candidate, traumatology specialization | Complex trauma therapy (NARM + Neurofeedback) | Bilingual FRN/ENG

Lucie works with adults who struggle to identify with a genuine sense of self as a result of unresolved childhood trauma. She uses the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM™), Neurofeedback, Polyvagal Theory, somatic approaches, and cognitive restructuring. In all her therapeutic relationships, she takes a holistic, non-judgemental approach with her clients. 

Caitlan Stransky, RP (qualifying)

MA, RP (Qualifying) | Grief, Trauma and Addictions Therapy | ENG

Caitlan has a warm and gentle approach as she works with the nervous system, emotions, and associated perceptions. She works with adults who have complex trauma, addictions, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues. Additionally, she works with individuals affected by grief. Her gentle approach lends to creating a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore the impact of their experience(s) and how they can shift into their authentic states.

Andrea Foster, RP

MA, RP | EMDR, DBR, Neurofeedback

Andrea is a Registered Psychotherapist who used Deep-Brain Reorienting (DBR), EMDR, and Neurofeedback. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Therapist. Andrea has 14-years of trauma experience derived from her previous career as a paramedic which brings a unique wisdom to therapy sessions with her clients. She works with individuals impacted by sudden loss, those looking to process traumatic grief, and she also works with first responders.

Hiral Shah, RP (Qualifying)

MA, RP (Qualifying) | EMDR, Neurofeedback | English. Gujarati. Hindi

Hiral uses neurofeedback & psychotherapy when working with individuals. She can assist with PTSD, CPTSD, ADHD/ADD, anxiety, depression, and many other mental health conditions. She helps clients who struggle with identity confusion and social connection challenges and who are experiencing the overall impacts of unresolved traumas. She is a compassionate and highly skilled psychotherapist dedicated to helping her clients regain their authentic identity.


Our Services

Experience neuroplasticity in real-time through FDA-cleared EEG technology. 

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Individual/Trauma Counselling

In most cases, we can’t just talk our way out of trauma; we must feel our way out of it. This is why we use cognitive and somatic (body) based therapies to help you attune to the nervous system and associated mental perceptions to heal the impacts within.

Learn about intergenerational trauma, epigenetics, and how complex trauma can impact subconscious embodiments of worthlessness, impaired sexuality/intimacy, and change how it can disrupt the development of the self. You will also learn about the roots of addiction from a developmental trauma lens and you will learn about specific methods of shifting into post-traumatic growth (living your authentic YOU)!

Group Therapy

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