Our Services

We use an evidence-based approach to treating relational concerns: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. We work collaboratively with couples to assist in the building of a secure bond. 

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Individual/Trauma Counselling

In most cases, we can’t just talk our way out of trauma; we must feel our way out of it. This is why we use cognitive and somatic (body) based therapies to help you attune to the nervous system and associated mental perceptions to heal the impacts within.

Learn about intergenerational trauma, epigenetics, and how complex trauma can impact subconscious embodiments of worthlessness, impaired sexuality/intimacy, and change how it can disrupt the development of the self. You will also learn about the roots of addiction from a developmental trauma lens and you will learn about specific methods of shifting into post-traumatic growth (living your authentic YOU)!

Group Therapy

Contact us to learn about various group programs happening throughout 2023.