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There are three main reasons people use substances and each play a vital role in how you recover. 

About Us

Meet the Group Facilitator

Lucie Ritchie, MA, NARM

Doctoral Candidate (EdD Traumatology); RP (Qualifying) FR/EN

Lucie Ritchie is the founder of Heal Psychotherapy. She is a highly skilled psychotherapist, facilitator, and teacher in the realm of shock trauma, complex trauma, and addiction. 

She takes a holistic, non-judgemental approach with her clients and students and helps them move from subconscious survival personas/strategies to their authentic selves in a safe, supportive environment. 

Save your “no-obligation” seat and Lucie will contact you with details to join the supportive recovery group—we’re excited to welcome you to this safe, non-judgemental space!  You can also connect with Lucie for a free consultation to learn about what upcoming groups or individual psychotherapy may be best for you. 

have a question? we'd love to hear from you. You can fill out the form below or contact lucie directly at: